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Interstate Highway Access

On I-20

Other Highways

Borders Highway 519 on west side

Borders Highway 151 on east side


Town of Arcadia

Land Cost/Acre

26 Acres

$60,000 per acre / price negotiable upon job creation


Zoned for industrial use only

Real Estate Tax Formula

5.68 m/15% Ten year suspension of taxes

Municipal Incentives Available

Arcadia is a “Renewal Community” with five different federal tax credits available with other state tax incentives

Floodway or Critical Flood Zone

Not in a flood zone

Electrical Service Providers

Entergy, Claiborne Electric Co-Op

Natural Gas Provider

Centerpoint Energy

4” main

Water Provider

Town of Arcadia Water Department

Nearest Main Location/Size (Water)

8” main

Capacity Available (Water)

1.5 million gallons per day

Sewer Provider

Town of Arcadia

Capacity Available (Sewer)

500,000 gallons per day

Telephone Provider


Site II

Proposed Road

Industrial Site I        Industrial Site II        Utility Information        Market Access        Leading Employers

Industrial Site II